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Hello. I’m 27-year-old female.
My and my husband are having difficulties with possibility of having a baby.
My husband thought that maybe he is suffering from some sexual disease which caused his sterility. He was on examination and he was diagnosed as fertile! So I new the problem was in me.
Few days ago one of my best friends told me that sexual transmitted disease called Clamydia could cause infertility in women. I don’t know anything about this disease and I didn’t tell anything to my husband because I’m afraid I might have infected him.
Can anybody tell me anything about this disease?


I think I can help you because I have been diagnosed with Clamydia infection few years ago.
I remember doctor told me that Clamydia could cause infertility in women because sometimes infection can damage the Fallopian tubes, which conduct egg cell from the ovaries to the womb body.
This can stop the tubes working properly and they can become completely blocked.
First thing you should do is tell your partner about your problem because it is not only your problem but mutual.
If you are infected you will be treated for approximately one week with strong antibiotics but in a case of blocked Fallopian tubes only surgery helps.
I wish you all the best!