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Dear Sir
I have made an medical analysis on 1/9/06 which prouved infection with CLAMYDIA 1, so may I have new and effective treatment for this case.



Your doctor who had made the diagnosis is the only one who could prescribe treatment for Chlamydia. You shouldn’t do anything on your own and should listen to what your doctor says about the length of the treatment and then have a follow up to see if you managed to clear the infection.

Chlamydia is a serious bacterial infection that could cause a lot of scarring inside and lead to infertility. The symptoms themselves could be pretty harsh too. Specific antibiotics are used for treating the disease. They include tetracyclines, azithromycin or erythromycin. Your partner should be treated too because if they are not, you may become re-infected again although you managed to get it treated.

So, you will not gain immunity if you had it once. You can get it every time you have sex with someone who is infected. You should refrain from having sex while on the treatment and 7 days following the treatment. If you can’t make it that long, you should at least use condoms.


to say that one shouldnt ever do anything on there own is spreading a huge lie, doctors cause more deaths in the united states then any other occupation, it is estimated that 250,000 ppl die each year from medical mistakes, wrong diagnosis, wrong prescriptions,
if anything, research everything on your own, allways get second opinions and never ever let a doctor prescribe anything or do anything that hasnt been explained, told of the risks, etc
although doctors can do good, many times they are horrendous
be ware