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hi all,
Im in a predicament and need some advice.hope someone can help...

Iv been to see consultant for ivf on monday, and got some feedback. As i have 3 previous surgeries due to ulcerative colitos, he told me that it is likely that i had lots of scar tissue and that's probably why i have blocked fallopian tubes. He said that if i have ivf the chances of getting preg are 15%. so therefore he suggests that i have my tube blocked for good, so no liquid can come out and therefore give me a better chance at ivf ( a 1in3 chance).
If i have them blocked i can never go back and every time i want a baby ill need ivf...I really dont know what to do. Either have them blocked and have a better chance of getting preg with ivf or leaving them as they are and having a 15% chance of ivf working.But then loosing any chance of conceiving naturally (which is very slim, as both tubes are blocked).Can anyone help??


what about having your tubes unblocked, what does the doctor say about that? i think that is also possible.