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so heres the story... my husband and I had unprotected sex the day before my period started, and the day before it ended... my period was 5 days late.. so i'm thinking i might have been ovulating during this time? periods last 5 days..

now that it's a week after my period ended... i'm feeling bloated.. my boobs are sore.. could i be experiencing pregnancy symptoms already.. it seems too early.... someone please help!


The only symptom, if you are pregnant is intuition. However, some women may experience so symptoms earlier. As it has only been a week you will have to wait it out for a bit as a pregnancy will not be detected as there is not enough HCG present in the body.
When pregnancy occurs it can take an egg up to two weeks to actually fertilize/implant itself within the uterus. Once implantation takes place pregnancy hormones are far more pronounced.