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sometimes i feeling somethin is moving and gogling inside my uterus, i am married.. i period date is one more week to go. is it possible to whetheri can be pregnant before my period date? please help me...


Hi Vika,

Yes it is possible too be pregnant before your next period comes, early pregnancy tests like "first response" can detect as early as 5 days before your next period.

Most women ovulate somewhere between 12-16 days after their last period. But it usually takes a few days even a week or more for the egg to implant after fertilization takes place.

Pregnancy results in absence of a period, however, some women may get "implantation bleeding" which sometimes can be mistaken for their period, however there are several differences between them; implantation bleeding is usually very light in color, and only lasts a day or two and is not heavy like a normal period.

It is impossible for a woman to have a period if they are pregnant!

When many women find out they are pregnant they have missed their period. Since pregnancy dates start from the first day of your last period, most woman are 4 weeks or more pregnant when they have missed it.

If your last period was the beginning of June then you would have ovulated last week. (depending if your last period was a normal period and not implantation)

Realistically it is impossible to tell if you are pregnant yet or not until you have missed a period.

As well it is impossible to feel fetal movement until around 16-18 weeks pregnant (about 5 months).

Hope this makes sense if you have any other questions let me know, I'd be glad to help!