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(excuse the blunt details)
So me and my girlfriend were lying in bed in the morning (spooning) and I started to push up closer to her and got hard. Then I put my penis in between her legs and I started rubbing it on her vagina. I did this for about 20 seconds and stopped when it started to feel really good because I didn't want to get tempted to put it in. She said she felt the tiniest tip of my penis go in. I don't think I had any pre-*** but then again I didn't look down and check first haha. All this lasted about 20-30 seconds. I'm really, really paranoid now. She has taken a preg test and showed negative but that was only a week after so she is going to take another one 19 days after like it says on the instructions.

Just for my own sake of calming down, what are the chances of pregnancy from doing THAT? As I said I'm really paranoid now so I know I may just be freaking myself out about this.


Sperm dies when it hits the air, ive done the same and i havent had any kids,, you should be fine if you're still worried have her take another test in about a week and a half.