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So, about two weeks ago, my girlfriend was on top of me. I am just curious on if it is possible for her to be pregnant, given the following conditions,
- She had panties and a pad on.
- My penis was revealed, but I only had pre-cum.
- She dry humped me for about thirty seconds.
- There was no penetration.
Please provide a thoughtful, scientific answer. I am just extremely paranoid and stressed out.


There is absolutely no way she could of gotten pregnant if you describle exactly what happened.

If you did not insert your penis into her, then theres no way.

1 out of 1,000,000 sperm and by the looks of it.... seems that you got none in her.

Besides precum does not contain viable sperm unless you ejaculated 12 hours before and did not urinate.

Dont worry~


if it was not in or near her vagina she should be fine..