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I recently had a sexually intimate meeting with a girlfriend of mine which did not involve intercourse. she was also on her period. my main concern is whether there is the slightest chance she could get pregnant by my P being on and against (carressing) her V without protection. I did not ejaculate at any point but is pre cum an issue.



Pre cum could be an issue but being that she had her period at the time, i am thinking probably no.
Remember tho, you always run the risk of pregnancy when there is no protection.
The so called "pull out" method is by far, not a form of birth control.
You know there are live sperm in pre seminal fluid (pre cum)
I think, IMO of course, that you both can relax. :-)


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Great reply.  Also, remember that a period isn't meant to mean that there's no chance of pregnancy.  Each cycle can vary which means ovulation and fertility dates can change which result in a period pregnancy.  Though, rare...