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I am hoping that some of you will read my daughter's story and help me to make sense of it.

To make a very long story short...In April 2006, my normally very strong and healthy 17 year old daughter suddenly lost her balance in dance class. She picked herself up and lost her balance again. Shortly thereafter, she developed a nasty headache and was very nauseous. She vomitted quite often over the next few days, unable to keep anything down. Finally, with the help of Gravol suppositories she started to eat a little. She noticed that she ate only because she knew that she needed to eat...she had no appetite. She was admitted to the hosptial where she spent three days. She could only walk unaided if she was on a flat, level solid surface.

During that time she also mentioned to doctors that periodically, prior to losing her balance she would suddenly find a hand or foot got numb. While at the hospital I noticed that her lips sometimes turned blue. They did a CT scan of her head, and ran various blood tests. When discharged we were told that she likely had some kind of inner ear infection.

As an out-patient she was seen by a cardiologist who did an ECG and Echo and announced that her heart was fine. She was also seen by a neurologist who, aside from the normal examination in his office, did a rudimentary EMG, said he could not see any neurological problems.

It took 3 months before Hilary could walk easily again. That summer was extremely hot in Toronto but Hilary regularly needed to wear two layers of clothes in order to be remotely comfortable. Throughout the fall her balance improved, she started going to some fitness classes and was in school.

As the weather got colder it got more and more difficult for her. The problems with the numbness seemed to worsen, on at least two occasions her legs went completely numb from mid-thigh down making it impossible to stand or walk.

The weather is getting better now and that seems to be helping her somewhat but she has new symptoms that have me very worried. At least once a day for the past 5 days Hilary has lost all vision in both eyes. This lasts for about a minute each time. She has no warning whatsoever that it is going to happen again.

Also. for the last few weeks, she has had trouble with urinary urgency. Suddenly, she will realize that she has to urinate. Often, she won't make it to the toilet in time and there is a minor leak.

I mentioned both of these symptoms to our GP the other day because I find this development quite distressing. He thinks that the loss of vision could be a type of migraine (we believe that she had one migraine several months ago) and wanted her to stop taking oral contraceptives immediately.

He also said that if she ever finds that she leaks urine before realizing that she has to go she should go to the hospital. I discussed this with her but she says that when it happens, it happens so fast she is not able to determine when the leaking happens.

She has also had some other unusual symptoms occur. Once she said she was having a conversation with someone and suddenly was unable to put her words together. In her mind she knew what she wanted to say, but she couldn't get the ideas out properly.

Another time, she found that one arm suddenly tightened up and her hand tightened into a fist.

Hilary had the Evoked Potentials tests performed a few weeks ago. Obviously they picked up something on the vision test because she said that the technical asked her to please, concentrate. They repeated the test on each eye. She had an MRI of her neck performed just yesterday and we have a follow-up appointment with the neurologist May 22.

Any insight you folks can provide would be truly appreciated. I am quite concerned and am trying desperately not to frighten Hilary.

Thanks, and best wishes to you all!


Hello, I have a lot of the symptoms you are taking about, since I was teenager (more than 20 years) and was told by my ENT (ear, nose throat) Specialist, just two years ago, that I have Vertigo, which is an imbalance in the ear. This was diagnosed after several other Specialist Doctor appointments and tests at the hospital. I was told to take Gravol for my dizziness, nausea and severe headaches. This seems to help a bit but symptoms are still there.

Also, there are no clarifications for tightening-up of my arms and legs. Sometimes, I also unconsciously move my legs at night. My herbalist mentioned that I may have poor circulation in my arms and legs and has told me to increase my fiber intake, which seems to help a bit. My involuntary leg movements have decreased but not disappeared.

My symptoms are still there, sometimes they are very mild and at other times, they unbearable, but at least the symptoms do not occur as often.

I hope this helps a bit and that your daughter feels better soon. I will put in a prayer for her and also for you to keep up your strength through all this.