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I see many people talking about reflexology and its courses. Some say it helped them with their help problems. I would like to know if those courses are recognized anywhere. I get the feeling that they are not quite recognized. Maybe I am wrong. I hope someone will answer. Thanks. Bye!


Hello Benedetto

My name is Linda Googh , and I hope that this information is helpful to you, as I have just seen this post.

I am a Reflexology Therapist RCRT/ Certified Teacher Examiner  with the Reflexology Association of Canada which is recognized world wide. There is also a World Reflexology Organization as well as Associations in most Countries. Using the power of google will allow you to find all of these websites. Should you want to contact me with a certification question feel free to do so. There would be courses available by teachers recognized in the various associations. Most have toll free numbers and are there to answer questions.

Wishing you Wellness

Linda Googh RCRT/RAC