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Hi there, I recently cracked at least one rib on my left side in some extracurricular activities. I do not have insurance, so I just Ace bandaged myself. Now here in Portland, Oregon, I fear the weather changing has brought about my once/year bronchitis & sinusitis (got it every year since I was 15...I'm 34 now). The coughing and sneezing is absolutely killing me. I had a PPO, but now nada. I work in a somewhat physical job and can't afford to rest for too long. Is there a home remedy for a mild fracture? (I've broken quite a few bones and kinda know the difference between a break and a fracture)

I feel it's too late for cold/heat therapy, and I'm not into pills (don't even like Tylenol or aspirin.

Am I "destined" to suffer?


Hey Bro, I just cracked a rib recently doing bmx dirt jumping, its a great thing you dont like pills, i dont either. Cold Heat therapy sounds like it would still be good. Because the pain when you breathe is so intense. Try the cold heat therapy for a few nights a week, and do a aspirin.