i had a normal period until january. it was one week late so i took 2 tests and they both said negative. so after that me and my fiance decided we wanted to try. february came and i didnt feel anything but my period was 2 weeks late and i was gonna take a test that weekend but my period came so i didnt get to. after that period ended we started trying again. ive been off my period for almost 2 weeks now and i have SOME symptoms. i have been cramping really really really bad at work i cant even stand up sometimes and sometimes the pain moves to my lower back. when i lay down my back aches like i have been standing for two days straight. my ovaries/lower stomach have been feeling "solid" "empty" turning and all those other wierd things. i have felt LIGHT naseua for only a few minutes at a time. i feel bloated and have gas a some diarrhea. at night when i lay down i cant go to sleep no matter how tired i am but then i dont wanna wake up in the morning. ive been moody and emotional.my breast at times feel tender and tingling in my nipples but its mostly painful in my chest bone (feels like i pulled a muscle there} im not certain when my period is gonna come next since its been so messed up the past two months so idk when i should take a test. do u think that i could have gotten pregnant a week or so before my last period and i had my period and im jsut now having some symptoms or do u think i could have gotten pregnant after my period. do u think im pregnant at all. i want to take a test but im not sure when i should??? HELP???