Hi, I recently came across this site and thought it had some great feedback and suggestions.

Last summer I came down with symptoms of daily and constant light head/dizziness and weakness, most noticeable when seated. My bowel habits changed slightly too, like I had too much fibre and I was going to the toilet more often (this was only a minor issue). The dizziness lasted about 6 weeks and slowly vanished, doctor's said it was probably a virus. Bowel habits weren't as bad either. Since then however, although feeling fine, I have gradually lost weight.

For the last 6 weeks, I've been showing most symptoms of IBS - stomach and lower abdominal discomfort (occasional sharp pains and/or empty feeling), lots of gurgling. After the first week of this all of my dizziness came back as well, sometimes a burning head feeling or throbbing. Doctors tested me for a bunch of things like Celiac etc, and the following week I got told that they "think" I have IBS, gave me a pamphlet about IBS and told me to b****r off. I've seen the GP 4 times in the last 6 weeks and I'm still at square one.

If it is something like IBS should I demand to see a specialist or dietitian? Can they properly test me for any of this? I'm seeing the GP again next week. A few weeks ago I also found out myself that the high fibre muesli I was eating in the mornings was probably doing more damage than good, so I stopped eating it in the mornings and I haven't been as gassy or hitting the toilet 4 times a day. However stomach and abdominal discomfort/gurgling still persists, Buscopan does help with this. I also think the regular use of Sudafed decongestant a few months ago also contributed to the dizziness, and possibly also just being run down... I've been living in London for 2 years so I had also thought it may be a lifestyle change.

I still find it strange that some of these symptoms occurred last summer and now, at almost at the exact same time, I have them again this summer.

Would be great to get some feedback on this, apologies for the long read.