Hey guys, i'm a 19 year old male and i need your help!


So i've come here after my gp is absolutely useless, basically i've been having some digestive problems, all of the above (in title) and it's causing me a bit of hassle.

At first, i thought it was lactose intolerance, i cut dairy out of my diet for a month and it didn't help, then i thought it was gluten intolerance so i cut that out for a month, didn't help either. I was prescribed fybogel for a few months as well and i found that helped keep bowel movements constant and regular but it gave me the WORST trapped gas i have ever experienced, i was buckled over in pain with shooting aches around my ribs, back, stomach and pelvic region. Now, i've stopped taking the fybogel and i've stepped up my diet a little bit more (fibre to maintain BM's) but i'm still getting quite bad aches from trapped gas, it's not like, oh my god i'm going to vomit stomach aches, just like a bit numb etc, it's hard to explain but yeah, it's very on and off but i find dairy hypes the trapped gas up a bit more (i suppose as dairy causes gas). All i'm wondering is, is this something i should be panicked about? my doctor is useless and i've seen other health professionals and they haven't helped one bit, something is lingering in my mind it could be IBS, it would be lovely to hear your thoughts on it, thanks for taking the time out to read this :)