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I have crohn's disease, and have a few questions for you people if that is OK. lately, I have been having irritating bouts of frequent urination, as well as frequent bowel movements which I think everything with crohn's disease. Has the frequent urination got anything to do with crohn's disease, or could it be unrelated?


Hello there jedidiah283,

Well because Cronh’s disease is related with lower abdominal it can be related with the frequent urination that you have been experiencing lately but you will need to go to see your doctor to get to the bottom of that.

Also, frequent urination can be one of the signs of the urinary tract infection and this need to be treated as well. So I would suggest to you to see your doctor and do certain tests and analysis and after that you will be diagnosed. Only with the right diagnosis you can be treated and guessing around what is causing frequent urination is not leading anywhere. Keep us posted and good luck.