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I am 44 years old and have had Crohns disease for 25 years. I have
never had surgery and always kept a good positive attitude towards my
illness. I have the best Doctor a patient can have; I have great
confidence in anything he says or recommends.

I have been through ups and downs in the 25 years and would be willing
to answer any questions from a patient's perspective.

The only constant issue I have is diarrhea. I have a choice everyday
at work depending on my schedule. See below.

1) Take codeine sulfate (60 mgs) every six hours. My diarrhea will
stop and I can eat as normal but my stomach will make loud noises all
2) Don't eat all day, just drink water. I will have diarrhea every 3
hours with no stomach noises.
3) Eat as normal and have diarrhea every hour with no stomach noises.

I really can't complain about my only issue; my Doctor tells me the
stomach noise is because of narrowing of my small intestines and not
to worry about it. I also want everyone to know that I feel great, I
weigh 210 lbs and exercise every day. No one would ever guess that I
battle this chronic ailment every day for the last 25 years

I would like to find out if any one else experiences similar issues
and what they do to adjust to the situation.


I am a 58 year old man and I have had Crohn's disease for over 40 years.
I have had one surgery (1967) where I lost six feet of small bowel and the first six inches of my large bowel. I used to have problem with too many trips to the toilet but for the last 20 years have been using a product that absorbs bile salts which has made things more tolerable. I find that I feel as good as I eat. If I eat too many things that do not agree then I pay. I have done ALL of the things in my life that are not recommended suffered for some but not for all. I have found that everyone is different in how the disease impacts them. Keeping a positive attitude and never feeling sorry for yourself is critical.


Hi john!

My partner also has Crohn's disease, he was diagnosed about 4 years ago. He finds that eating things high in fibre/wheat and red meat make his stomach worse. Anything particularly high in fat is also really bad for him and he gets diarrhoea and sickness afterwards. He takes pentesa every day and also found that things like aloe vera to help smooth the lining are good.

Taking vitamin (especially iron) supplements and things like echinacia I think are pretty vital. Crohn's has a massive effect on the immune system etc.

It's good to know that there are people out there who haven't had surgery too, as he is trying to avoid it at all costs! After trying all the steroids etc during a flare up he almost ran out of options and was told there was nothing left to try except surgery before he wasted away, a last resort he tried a few rounds of acupuncture. Sounds silly but we swear it was the only thing that truly kept it under control and whenever he is having a bad few weeks (i.e diarrhoea, stomach pain/noises) this seems to get it back under control! Might be worth a go as it sounds like your's is not under control particularly. It took a few weeks but eventually got there with it!

Hope this helps and thanks for posting! Always nice to know he's not the only one going through it!


I logged onto this website as I am also having tremendous gurgling, gassy sounds in my stomach, although I really don't mind them as they come right after an awful, constricting abdominal pain.  I am going in tomorrow for a CAT scan as my doc thiks it could be a blockage...I've recently had surgery for a narrowing....what are the odds and can this go away without surgery...the first one was seriously botched...