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i'm suffering greatly and noone is offering any help. i have crohns disease which has been behaving itself throughout the last 4 months since my surgery to remove the gallbladder. the doctors are misinformed somehow, that its my crohns making me so sick but its only recently (in the last couple weeks) that i've even been dealing with any flare up/blockage. They subsided, but i know it's the constant flow of major diarrhea that is flaring it up. i've been feeling a wrenching pain, twisting like, since the surgery and when i wake up i go to the bathroom constantly for like 30 minutes and then it stops. usually, i have lots of diarrhea, but this is the green bile diarrhea. i've had all kinds of tests, mri's, mrcp's, catscans, ultrasounds, endoscopic ultrasound and all my labs and tests show nothing. i'm constantly nauseas and have a pain that comes, almost cyclical with these symptoms, that will go from the middle under-rib area straight thru to my back. i have to eat immediately when i wake up, even during the night, as i feel like i'll die of hunger. i'm dizzy all the time and not sure if thats caused from the new lisinopril i was placed on for high blood pressure recently. i beg for help from these specialist and my surgeon, to no avail and am treated like a leper at the ER, as i'm constantly there in major pain. they give me zofran, morephie or dilaudid. i also have dilaudid at home for the big pains, which scares me to take as i'm alone in a hotel across from the hospital and have been for 3 months, as traveling makes me incredibly sick. i'm stuck here and with no help other than a temporary 4-6 hr pain escape through an IV. i'm always dehydrated and my potassium tanks on me all the time no matter what they give me for it. i feel like i'm dying and i am over-exerting myself just doing the basics..and i mean basics, like getting to food from the hotel restaurant. somedays, i'm able to drive to a store, but too sick and weak to get out of the car. i beg for help. i've been to 4 hospitals in these 4 months since i started having stomach pain after eating and incredible weakness. never been this sick and i've had maqny big surgeries before. nothing like this has ever happened to me. someone help me please. my husband takes off work when he can, but its a 3 hr drive to these "world renowned" hospitals and we need money to keep us afloat while this continues. ive called the insurance company too, but i don't think anyone realizes the urgency of what i'm experiencing. i've lost 30 lbs and all my savings.
how can a body be this sick and nothing show up on the radar? and why doesn't anyone believe us, the forgotten? we should have been told of the problems that could happen. like when they say, after surgery, you may experience this or that or you may have a heart attack on the table, so sign this release. no one told me anything and now i have no life, just desperation and although i havent suffered the depression like many, the anxiety is mounting and i'm not thinking i'll live through this...and no one NO ONE CARES or will help me. where's the tv special on things like this? i'll volunteer for a documentary on this issue...


I am new to this site and just read your post regarding gallbladder removal and crohn's disease. I am in the same boat, although, I haven't had my gallbladder removed yet. I was in the hospital a week and a half ago for severe abdominal pains and I was throwing up, but the worst of my pain was in my back. I've had 2 back surgeries and I pass kidney stones every year almost like clockwork, so when I got sick again, I assumed it was stones, but I never had blood in my urine and the pain not only was in the lower right quadrant, it was in my upper right abdomen, but of course, the ER doctors didn't listen to me so of course, it wasn't addressed other than when I had my CT scan which showed no passing of kidney stones or gallbladder stones.

I was doing research on the internet and came across a gallbladder disease called Acalcous Gallbladder disease which means there are no stones present, but the symptoms are the same as if there were stones.  I had a HIDA scan last Friday and that about did me in because I had to lay flat on my back for almost 2 hours and that was very painful but I got through it. I am hoping it shows something, because my next step will be to have an Endoscopy to check for ulcers which I don't want to have to pay for another test.

I am not sure what to do if it comes back abnormal, from the information I've read and I am also on a support group on facebook and of course, people post their horror stories on it so now I'm scared. Either way, I think I lose. Are you on any pain meds for your crohn's? What does your GI doctor say to you? I know this has been quite a while ago since you've posted this, but how are you doing now?