Has anyone had their ureter cut during open pelvic surgery? What was your outcome? In October 2015 this happened to me. They didn't know they'd cut me. I spent a week in icu because of pain. They sent me home, then I couldn't urinate and had a swollen belly like full term pregnancy!! Horrific pain, they finally did a ct pyleogram with contrast and found they'd cut my ureter. I had sepsis and nearly died from 2.5 litres of urine in my abdominal cavity. They opened me right up again and reimplanted the ureter. I had a Catheter for two weeks and a stent for 6 weeks. Anyway I still have constant kidney pain!! Especially when I urinate. It's hard to get the flow started and my kidney aches constantly. It's starting to affect my other kidney now. I also have pain where they removed my right ovary and tube (that was the reason for surgery to start with) and constant vaginal discharge. I'm starting to worry they messed up something else in there too. Help! Ps I'm an Aussie.