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I have a lump at the corner of my mouth which my GP believes is a Cyst. He says that should leave t because if have it removed then the scar will probably be worst than livng with the cyst. I have asked him to refer me on to a specialist but wondered whether the cyst will grow if I do leave it alone.



I believe that it is better not to touch it. Things like lumps, spots, pimples and cysts on our face and around our mouth and even inside our moth can be pretty tricky. Usually if they are clear or white they are cold sores or mouth ulcers. This condition is treatable but very contagious. You can take medications, such as antibiotics, to help your body to fight against this infection but sincerely there is no need because this bump/cyst will remain in the corner of your mouth 10 days at least (if it is a cold sore).

Since your doctor has directed you to the specialist you should wait and see what is he going to tell you and until then try not to touch the cyst/bump.