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Hey recently i had a shape up from the barber an d i got a pump on my my mustache when i was shaved off...i squeezed it but nothing came out so i put toothpaste on the area and the next morning the that area got little darkish brown (because when you put toothpaste on a bump it gets dark and star to scab) so it turn into ....not really a scab but a dead layer of skin on top...and when i bathe i rubbed that area frequently to take of the scab...i came out the tub and it became lil itchy but stopped after i dried i went out and ate pizza and was laying down in my bed bed and it start itching a lil and i fell asleep before i could go wash my mouth of and i wake up with 4 tiny bumps around the corner of my mouth where i got the shape up and put toothpaste...what can this be?


Hi, John.  I wonder if you may have caused some irritation with the tiny bumps in the corner of your inside lip?  You caused some trauma to the area by first squeezing on it.  This possibly may have introduced bacteria from the initial bump onto the skin surface.  Then you rubbed the area to rid of the scab, which protects your "wound" while it heals.  You made it become dry when scrubbing it, perhaps leaving microscopic skin tears where bacteria can enter the skin.  So you either introduced bacteria into your skin causing the bumps to erupt or the irritation caused a reaction that caused the bumps to appear.  Does that make any sense?  Maybe skip the toothpaste and get an antiseptic lotion that will help heal the area.  Hope this helps!