Hi everyone I just went for my u :-( ltrasound to determine the sex of the baby an to do some testing, and once I saw the doctor he told me not to "freak out" an hearing that always makes your heart drop. He then told me they found a cyst on my babies brain which could mean nothing at all or it could mean a chromosome defect. And that was all I was told. He did say they will schedule me for a level 2 ultrasound but that was it. So I of course freaked out and got really scared. I am 27 an this is my husband an I first child! Talk about scary!! So once I got home I did what every doctor tells you NOT TO DO, i reserched it and the findings are so incredibly scary I dont know what to do or how to think!
Ive heard it could be downs syndrome or trisomy 18, an boy was I not ready for this!! Has anyone else gone through this or have any advice? I know its a very slight chance that my child could have one of these and I am hoping it is nothing an she will be fine, but there is always that thought in the back of my head...So here I sit thinking an reserching waiting to hear when my level 2 will be scheduled and I am going crazy!!
Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated to calm my nerves as much as possible.. Thank you!