I had my tonsils out 3 weeks ago, i am 18 years old, I just wanted to share my experience because i kind of have a scary story that i feel is different from anyones.

so first i read this site probably like 4 times a day for 2 months before my surgery becuase i was scared for pain, so post-op is wasnt as bad as what i was expecting, cause i used to get strep and tonsilitus once a month, so i knew how painful it could be. Another thing i found weird is i couldnt talk, i sounded like i was deaf, my speech was really slow and slurred, literally sounded exactly like a deaf person, it was hard to talk, not cause of pain, just some reason thats what happened, my surgery was an hour and 10 minutes and i had a reaction to meds, so it was worse.

morning of day 4, at 5am i wake up spitting up large amounts of blood, they told my it was possible, so for about half an hour i couldnt leave the bathroom cause everytime i would instantly fill with blood, my bathroom looked like a murder scene, so i got rushed to emerge and was there by 5:45 they put me in a emerge bed and gave me suction, the bleeding had stopped but i couldnt breath becuase of the blood in my mouth, so about 2 hours later my surgeons resident came in and looked in my mouth, his mouth just dropped and he said he had never seen anything like that before.. i still dont no what he ment, so he got big tweezer things and started pulling blood clots out of my mouth, it was kinda cool too see but scary becuase what was he doing and what did it mean? so they brought a big tray of tools and stuff and i asked what it was and he told me that if i started to bleed i would need bedside emerge room surgery becuase iw ouldnt make it to an OR before i choked or bled out, becuase i didnt just bleed i full out large hemorraged, only happens to 2% of people the way mine did, so the keep me over night, move me to a room and bring my tools with my to still do emerge surgery, so they gave me no food and no water so i hadent eaten for since the night before at 6, so by the time i got to my room i hadent eaten in probably 20 hours, so it was so hard to swallow with no water. so no more bleeding the next day at about 5pm, they sent me home but only becuase i lived 10 minutes from hospital, they gave me more meds and told me to be careful.

so now im 3 weeks post tonsilectomy, i got my voice back finally just a couple days ago, i can hear myself slur a bit still, they had a speech dr come see me and everything, currently i still dont no why i bled like that, i have an apt with my surgeon and i will find out and post back.

not to scare anyone, but did this happen at all? or did anyone loose there voice like i did cause i still find that weird.

bye for now