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25 years ago, we returned from our honeymoon in Spain, and due to eating differently I suffered from constipation, but when I was bent over in excrutiating pain, there was an additional diagnosis of ovarian cysts, a mass that would never dissolve, and the gynecologist made it clear that I would not be able to get pregnant, and surgery would be necessary. I remembered going to a lecture, where a woman who was a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson in East Orange, NJ, spoke about dissolving her own tumor, and her brother, a naporapath(not naturapath), spoke about his extensive therapy with the colon. Remembering his name, I located him, and on a Sunday afternoon, he opened his office to my husband and I, which marked the beginning of at least fifteen rounds of colonic irrigations, a procedure that gently cleanses the colon. Unlike the enema which only reaches a small region, the colonic hose sends water throughout the entire colon, releasing toxins, mucous buildup, yeasts, and impurities. Herbs were used in the colonic and I was also instructed to steep certain herbs into teas which I drank every day. Swedish bitters were also used internally and topically with calendula cream.
The results amazed the doctors. The mass was completely gone. I remember telling my hero, Dr Coles, how surprised the doctors were, and he very casually replied that this massive cyst was caused by toxins, which the body needed to eliminate. I remember how healthy I felt and looked. Amazingly, it wasn't long before I became pregnant, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who was blessed two years later with a brother. If you have ovarian cysts that preclude you from being pregnant, please find a reputable practitioner who has expertise in detoxing and purification.


Hi Ginniecherie,

I just came back from my OBGYN visit and was notified I have an ovarian cyst close to 10 cms. To the Drs eyes, the only solution is surgery.  Something inside of me can't help to think that there has to be a more natural and less invasive way of solving this issue.

I decided to give it a little search and found your posting. I hope and appreciate if you could please guide me on this. To start, could you share with me the practicioner's info.

Thanks for your help and testimony!