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I had a lot of the white c**p, which I'm guessing are the scabs, fall off Tuesday night and yesterday. My throat feels so open and it's great not having all that snot feeling c**p back there but now my throat hurts!! I guess this is normal with the healing process, right? The post-op instructions they gave me said my throat will start hurting more during the de-scabbing process but how long does it take? I'm hoping tomorrow is better. It's been painful all day. :-(


Hi dragonflymama,

It usually takes up to few days for scabs to clear after the tonsillectomy. You said that they fell off on Tuesday, when did you have the surgery?

Important thing after tonsillectomy is of course the diet. You can’t eat any hard food; soup is the best option if you ask me. Although doctors do suggest that you get back to your regular diet as soon as possible this is not easy for everyone.

You will feel the pain during the healing process, that’s for sure. But if it unbearable or you have any bleedings it is a good thing to go back for check up with a doctor.


Hope you heal soon and you get rid of pain.