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I know it sounds funny, but when I daydream about stuff, I often end up imagining that I either end up in an argument with someone, or something bad happens. When I realize that I'm doing it, I give myself a mental shrug and a "oh just stop it", but it occurs so often that I suspect that there must be an underlying reason for it.

For example, if I'm walking down the road and I see some people ahead of me, I can easily imagine something happening which'll mean that I end up arguing with them - I don't of course - it's just a "what if" kind of daydream that ends with negative thoughts.


I have daydreams like these too frequently, but I've never really thought about the fact that they may mean something more than just being a daydream. When I think about it, I'd say that usually when I have daydreams like these, it's usually because I'm in a bad mood-something is going on in my life that I don't like, I'm generally unhappy, etc. Possibly it relates to something in your own life going on that makes you angry, or that you just don't like?