my father sh. baldev sharma, 55 yes old having diabeties from 1984 ,start insuline in 2006,in 2007 HP problem observed that start treatment of both but 2008 some kidney problem also observed that start kidney treatment also from SMS medical hospital jaipue rajasthan india from mr. vinay malhotra,now in 2010 creatinine level is 1 but in feb.2012 this is about 7 than in march it was about 8 and 15 march we hospitalised him at the level of 9 than doctors start dialysis twice in a week but sir from last month he is not well heart and liver problem so we again hospitalised in may 17 2012,now zaundis and water accumalution in stomuch problem also(BILLRUBINE-18 AND ALKINE PHOSPHATE-2300) there and so much weekness ,now he is hospatilised treatment going on but still condition is not improving ,i request you please provide me best possible treatment for my father .hope you will provide treatment thanks ,sir there are three doctors team working on his treatment for cardio,liver and nephrology ,the cardio doctor knowns us very well,MY NO.IS +919974064245.