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Hello all! I have diabetes type 1 and I'm trying to conceive. I've finally come to the point where I want to try to start a family. But, I'm somewhat scared. I have a healthy diet and exercise regularly and so far seem to be healthy. My doctor is helping me to prepare for pregnancy and has me writing down everything I eat and checking my blood sugar levels every 2 hours. My doctor has warned me about the things that can happen during pregnancy when your diabetic which made me feel very uncomfortable. Unless my blood glucose levels were well controlled there could be serious problems with the pregnancy. Not only for me but my baby as well. I'm very upset at the moment. Is there anyone out there that can give me some advice and help me get my thinking straight? I need some help here. Thanks


I'm always surprised how some doctors have to lower the boom on people but perhaps they need to be that way to make sure you follow their instructions for the best possible outcome. There is no doubt that a person with type 1 diabetes can have complications during pregnancy. There's a possibility for miscarriage, birth defects, birthing and more. However, with the advancements in medicine today and monitoring your blood glucose levels and managing that well tends to decrease the potential for complications tremendously. Besides, women who are not diabetic who become pregnant can become diabetic when pregnant and they generally do fine. Many diabetic women have a normal pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies. The matter of fact is, if your A1c is somewhere 4 to 7 percent, you'll have no greater risk for complications during your pregnancy than a woman who doesn't have diabetes. This is not anecdotal information but rather coming from research.


I hope this puts your mind at ease. But remember, you do need to manage your diabetes properly and if you do, you and your fetus should be fine.