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What are the best food tips for a diabetic and what do you think is the best diabetes diet?  Has anyone tried the Atkins diet for your diabetes?  What type of food helps keep blood sugars down?  I heard cinnamon is good for lowering blood sugars.  Is there any supplements that help with blood sugars?  Thanks!


There are no special diets you need to go on to keep your blood sugars down other than staying within your carb allotment for each meal that you eat.  This is the most important thing to do to keep yourself from getting too much glucose in your blood and causing hyperglycemia. 


The Atkins diet is not good for a diabetic as it does not offer enough carbs for a person with diabetes.  This can be a dangerous diet as it produces ketones, toxins that can cause illness and possible death for a person who enters diabetic ketoacidosis.  So steer clear of that diet. 


Cinnamon may help regulate blood sugars. I have not seen enough evidence of it producing normalized blood sugars so I would say go ahead and try the supplements.  As long as you are taking the recommended dosage then it shouldn’t hurt you either way.  The best way to keep blood sugars down is through exercise and losing weight (if you need to).  This will burn any extra glucose in your blood that is not being used up.  So this will cause your blood sugars to be improved.  For people who are insulin resistant, losing weight really is a benefit in regulating blood sugars.  By doing this, you are going to have greater control over your blood sugar.


By watching your carb intake, exercising, and losing weight, you will have much success in regulating your blood glucose levels. You will also feel better and healthy as well.