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I have all kinds of problems lol.  I have diabetes.... I have stomach problems... I keep gaining weight.  It makes me wondering if it is all related or not.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  My stomach problems is that I feel queasy at times or I cramp.  I am not on medication at this time.  Does anyone have any idea what's going on?


Hello, Guest!  It seems that you do have many problems to address.  Whether they are all related to one another is a question to be considered.  It would be helpful to have more information to go on.  Like when did the stomach pains start?  Are they always accompanied with cramping or are you just sick to your stomach?  Having diabetes is something that needs to be watched by following your diabetic diet and starting an exercise program.  You will find that you will begin to  lose weight once you follow the diet your doctor prescribes to you.  Adding an exercise you enjoy participating in will make the weight come off quicker plus you will have more control over your blood sugars.  This will be a great payoff all the way around!

Your stomoach issues may be from having uncontrolled blood sugars.  Are you compliant with your diet?  If not, you may possibly be having hyper- or hypoglycemic episodes and they are manifested by these stomach cramps.  You may want to check out whether certain foods are making you ill as well.  Maybe you are reacting to dairy products or other types of foods that are known to cause allergic reactions or sensitivities.  If you rule out everything I suggested and you are still having stomach problems, you may want to visit your doctor. 

Are there any other people that have had stomach problems with their diabetes?