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Hi, I've go a quick question. I've heard that the DVLA is considering revoking licences of insulin users. Gee, I hope that isn't true. Has anyone out there heard about this. Could it be true? Surely, there must be some way around this if you're not having any problems with hypos or hypers. I've been a type 2 for more then 10 years now and I have my blood sugar levels under control. I can't imagine what I will do If I can't drive. That will make going to work and shopping very difficult. Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks.


Hello, There were some articles as of two years ago (2011) that the DVLA was considering revoking licences of insulin users if they had a severe hypo that required assistance. However, that was in the UK not in the U.S. If you are in the U.S., you have to remember we are a country of 50 states and each state has its own laws. In some ways that's good cause you can move to another state if you don't like their laws. Which some companies do! It would seem that the UK and Europe are much more strict about insulin and driving. That's really not the case in the U.S. I suppose the UK sees insulin users as drug addicts and hypoglycemia as an overdose. And, I suppose you could look at it that way. In the U.S. I don't believe that insurance companies charge more for being diabetic and surely if they had information that diabetics were a greater liability, they certainly would penalize a diabetic with a higher premium. U.S. insurance are really great at getting information on driving accidents, and if they saw some kind of trend I'm sure they would act on it. So overly, if you live in the U.S., I don't think that licenses will be revoked if you are an insulin user.