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I am so upset!  I cannot drive I don't have a driving license!  Dvla revoked my driving license because of a doctor error on the form I turned into them!  I may lose my job over this because I will miss work!  I can't believe my dumb doctor did this!  It says that my diabetes is uncontrolled when if fact it is.  I have oral medications I take and I also take insulin for my condition.  My A1c is 7 last time I went in to have it checked.  I sometimes feel a little loopy and I have to eat some sugar because that is when my blood sugar is taking a dip.  Once I get it up to normal then I feel fine.  So does anyone know what I should do?  I can't get in to see the doctor about it for 3 weeks.  He decided to take a vacation all of of sudden.  How convenient for me!  If anyone can help... thanks!


Greetings…You will definitely need to get to the bottom of this situation. It can be an unsettling thing to have your driving privileges taken away from you.  You say your diabetes is actually controlled but you are also saying that your blood sugar goes low on you.  If you told this to the doctor, then that is probably why the documentation stated that your blood sugar is not controlled.  Your blood sugar is not controlled if you are having dips in the blood glucose readings.  Hypoglycemia is a serious condition.  You really shouldn’t be driving if you are having hypoglycemic spells.  Until your blood sugar maintains a normal level, it is not advisable to be driving.  It is for your safety and for the people on the road. 

Has anyone else have any input on the subject of driving and hypoglycemia?