Been having extreme fatigue the past month or so, went to the doctor. Im 41 male good shape dont smoke or drink and work out and eat healthy.
Blood test came back good except high liver enzymes ALT 174 AST 97.
Urine tested fine. Doctor ordered Hepititus test that came back negative. Sent me to get a sonogram said i might have gallstones. That is negative. I have to meet back with the doc to discuss further tests in 2 days. In the mean time im getting more frequent mild pain/pressure in my kidney area (lower side flanks) ..and am awake for only about 6 hours before fatigue sets in and i have to take a nap. Before all these symptoms started a month or more ago i was working out and running every other day...in other words felt great. Oh the white blood cell is fine also...i was thinking kidney infection but maybe not with that wbc count. Any ideas? As maybe a nonrelated symptom - my feet have been hurting me the last 2 months.