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diagnosed with gastroparesis a year ago now just retested last month and its gone?! ive havent felt better still feeling horrible if not worse then before. my main system is nausea and some stomach bloating if i do eat or drink. i cant eat much bearly anything, normally just ensure. the gastric emptying scan is what showed that its gone now...not sure whats going on why did it suddleny go away if i still feel so bad?


It shouldn't have just gone away, especially if you still have symptoms of it still.  What did the doctor say about it?  Are you on any medication to treat gastroparesis?  It may warrant another opinion or further investigation since you are still having nausea, bloating, and feeling worse.  I have a friend that has gastroparesis but now that the medications are given her tardive dyskinesia, she is having a procedure done to insert something similar to a pacemaker and hook it into her intestines to stimulate gastric emptying.  She has battled much to get anyone to take her seriously up to this point about her gastric issues.  I hope you can get your doctor to help you get to the bottom of your problem.