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I have a curious combination of health problems. I have a chronic low-sugar condition, which means I need to stock up on complex carbohydrates and snack on glucose now and then to prevent my head from aching. I have a BP in the range of 100/70. I am prone to stomach acidity, meaning I should eat regular small meals. I am a vegetarian.
And recently I found out that my cholesterol values are pretty worrisome (270 mg/dL) .
I don't know what to eat now. Any suggestions?
Thank you.


sounds like a normal, balanced, healthy style of eating will do the trick.
what's your favorite source of protein? do you do any dairy?

whole grain breads (look for at least 2 grams of fiber per slice), cereals, legumes, fruit, veggies, soy, you have lots of choices! It's so easy for vegetarians to get enough carbs, just be careful to also get enough complementary proteins.

what's some of your favorite foods? are they "snackable"? so you can carry small portions with you?

What did the doc contribute your high cholesteral to? if it's genetic, you may need to consider a drug. if it's diet related, how so?

Good luck -- there's lots of choices for you...