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I am 38 and just recently have been having trouble breathing,like someone is standing on the top part of my chest.  I went to the dr and he prescribed steroids for 6 days and an inhaler.  the only thing he thought it could be was the remodeling they are doing at work even though there are 2 doors in between me and where the work is being done.  i do cough more at the office due to me trying to catch my breath but now i noticed if i walk for a long period of time i get the shortness of breath and the cough comes after any type of activity.  heartburn is more recent also.  any ideas??


Hi Tricia,

Did your doctor do an EKG, x-ray, or take any blood work?  

I'd suggest you see your doctor again.

Shortness of breath and heartburn are possible signs of a cardiac problem.  Women do present differently than men.  Saying that someone is standing on your chest is a common feeling amongst those having heart attacks.

I can't second guess the doctor over the internet but with those symptoms, tests are needed.