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Lately I have been thinking of going back to drinking cranberry juice again since I have been running to the bathroom a lot and know it is becasue of a UTI. But I need to know how many cups of cranberry juice should I drink a day so that it combats the infections that I have. I'm always told to drink 6-8 glasses of water, which I don't do and should do although I sometimes think I run more to the bathroom the more I drink. The thing is I have a tight urethra that pushes urine back into the bladder and causes chronic infections so I don't know if I should drink too much either. So how much cranberry juice should I drink? How much water should I really drink?



Urinary tract infection can get very problematic, but the good thing that our immune system in many cases is strong enough to fight this condition on its own. Now the good thing is that you drink cranberry juice. Cranberry juice prevents E coli from sticking to other bacteria and there for it limits the ability of bacteria to grow or to multiply. I am not sure if there is limitation on how much cranberry juice you can drink but in my opinion you should switch the several glasses of water with cranberry juice. Have you been using any antibiotics? Antibiotics will also help you urinary tract infection. In my opinion they will probably work faster then the cranberry juice.