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can you help me? i don't know what's happening to my body.. i feel the urge of urinating and it hurts, sometime the urine has blood and experiencing clitoral pain.. can you kindly help me? i don't know if this is UTI or what.. can you give me some tips how to prevent it and how i get it? thank you.. i need your reply now.. :-(


Hi there,

This is most likely caused by urinary tract infection. The blood in your urine might indicate the problem with your kidneys as well because when they malfunction they cannot filter your blood properly and there for you notice blood in your urine. Urinary tract infection in many cases tend to clear out by them self because our immune system can handle them, but if you wish to get rid of this as soon as possible I would suggest that you get some over the counter antibiotics. Antibiotics can really help you with the infection and you won’t have any pain and the sense that you need to urinate every few minutes during the day.

All the best,