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Why is lettuce so hard to digest? What are the negative values of lettuce?


All lettuce is a good source of chlorophyll and vitamin K but lettuce can cause some digestive complications. Lettuce contains fiber which can cause diarrhea and irritate certain conditions of the digestive tract. But before you decide to cut out lettuce from your life consult with your doctor because lettuce contains nutrients that your body needs. There are few different types of lettuce and all types are low in calories but high in alkaloids. Lettuce is a good source of Iron and Lettuce juice combined with carrot and spinach juice is helpful for maintaining the natural hair color. Negative values of the lettuce are just complications with digestion but if you chew your food 32 times like we all should this shouldn't happen. It is better to eat lettuce because it has more good sides and just one negative. And if you are trying to lose weight because of such a low level of calories lettuce is really great.