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Hello everyone,

Do you know your blood type? Is it 0, A, B or AB? If you don't know, better hurry up to see your doctor. You might need to know your blood type for some medical reason, and for your diet menu plan. Our blood type may explain why some food is better for our body than others. So, my question is, where can I find how to eat right for blood type 0 positive? Also, should I follow a specific diet or exercise plan that is based upon 0 blood type?

Guys, please share your thoughts about this with me.

Thank you 


Hi there,

Are you 0 positive or negative blood type? One thing is for sure-following your blood type diet is healthy and you can lose unwanted pounds. Eat right and you will be healthy. You can eat vegetables, because they are an important part of any blood type food plan. But, not all vegetables. Avoid cabbage and cauliflower. I'm not sure why. Eat vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, spinach and onions. Eat fruits, such as bananas, cherries, mangoes, plums. I also recommend to you to avoid apple juice and orange juice. You need to eat a lot of fish, such as tuna, snapper, salmon.

Good luck