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I read somewhere that there is a new treatment for overweight people and that this wonder is called catabolic diet. Did anyone try catabolic diet. Has anyone any information on this matter?
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Term catabolic food is used for foods that have reverse calories. These foods break down fats and burn them. I read somewhere that catabolic diet has been around since 1920 and is (so they say) a responsible choice for dieters. It is actually low carbs diet and containing more fruit and vegetables. But I am not sure; producers claim during the diet you are not hungry. It was different with me.. anytime I used low carb diet- I was hungry. Maybe is different with catabolic diet.
Here is a short list of catabolic food, used in catabolic diets: apples, apricots, crabs, watermelon (not bananas!), carrots, lettuce, fruit salads, frog legs :-), spinach … You can find more on web…
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Here is a link you might like to have a look lists all the foods...and a sample 7 day plan

I just started it today with a friend.....will let you know how it goes. I personally find its a little much food for me but everyone is different!

The theory goes that there is a list of about 100 foods that take more calories to digest than they actually contain...for example....1 stick of celery might have 5 calories...but take 150 calories of energy to digest. Therefore despite having eaten it...your fat stores are depleted.

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Hi Boruch,

Funny, I just answered this same question on another forum yesterday. :-D

Catabolic foods are also referred to as negative calorie or even fat burning foods but there's a lot of hype and myths written about this topic so be careful who you listen to.

In fact, there are diets which are based solely on eating these foods, but I wouldn't ever recommend them myself for a number of reasons. For starters, they deprive you of many essential nutrients are often very low calorie diets that only make things harder for you in the long run!

Having said that, these foods are often fruits and vegetables low in calories and high in fibre which are fantastic for you and your body so don't be afraid to add these to your diet. However, most experts don't agree that these foods in of themselves can have an effect on fat loss, and if they do the effects are neglible.

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Joseph Cole