2 days ago a fell about 3 feet and rolled my left ankle - my husband call 911 because my foot was sideways. the paramedics came and said it was grossly deformed and black - i was rushed to the hospital where initial x-rays said i had broken the back of my shin bone - not the ankles supporting bones - anyway the doc manually put it into place (and while both arms were being pumped with pain meds) this was the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt. They set my leg in a plaster splint and re x-rayed it and didnt show the brake. However, they said this severity of an injury needs to be treated as a break and most likely i have severe ligament damage. I dont see the ortho for a couple more days and wonder how long the re-coup time mite be, how long for the cast, is surgery a possibility, when will it feel better and is have muscle spasms at the injury site normal and why does it happen. I am also on 2mg of dialauden for pain - shouldn't I be taking 8m?
thanks all!!!