I got injured on my dorsum or the upper right side of my right foot by a powerful kick from a boot while playing Soccer. My foot got severely swollen l and I was given ice the for the first 30min. Then I was taken to the hospital and did a X-ray. There were no fractures visible on my X-ray, but since my foot got swollen severely, the doctor made me plaster my whole leg.(Said, there could be a hidden fracture). He told me to remove the plaster after a week and do an X-ray again. For 1 whole week I was on Crutches. The after 1 week when I opened up my plaster I saw that there was not literal sign of healing of the trauma. My foot was still swollen severely. Then I tried applying Ice for 2 days. After the application of ice, my foot trauma subsided very well ! Now there is just a little portion left where there is still a little bit swollen. But ice started working slowly on my foot lately and my foot get aches a little bit when I get it down from elevation. I followed the R.I.C.E technique. now the smaller portion left of the trauma won't budge. I can move almost all of my fingers so there is no fracture but there is soft tissue injury. So my question is what do I do to get the trauma healed after one week two days of the injury? How many days will it require to heal the little portion of trauma left? And what do I do as my next step for healing?