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I am an 18 year olg girl with no known health issues.

For about a year now (maybe more) I have been having these weird moments of diziness. I will start to be dizzy, my vision will go blurry/gray sometimes totally black for a few seconds, my body will feel weak and numb and i have to sit or hold on to something, My head will hurt a lot and I will feel a little nausea, I can also feel my heart pumping hard and my body temperature becomes pretty hot. My eharing will become a little weird too (like echoes).

The symptome don't always all happen, somtimes it's just a few of them but many times it's all of them.

It happends when I stand up (and no I don't dtand up fast at all), when I'm in the shower (the waters not too hot), when I look up for a long time, when I am on my knees for a while, and other random times.

I went to the doctor about it, after I fainted a few months ago and we did some tests (blood tests,diabetes test,heart electricity test and a few others, it all came back normal. I doubt it's anxiety because I'm not a stressed person at all.



You say you can feel your heart pumping. Is it pumping very fast? What you describe in thi post sounds very much like very low blood pressure. Postural hypotension can occur whether you stand up fast or not and can be caused by a number of things. Dizziness, vision problems and all what you describe sound like low blood pressure. They also sound a little like migraine. 


Anxiety really has nothing to do with stress. Sure stress can produce anxiety but anxiety, even severe debilitating anxiety, can be present without any external stress or stimulus. And yes those can all also be symptoms of anxiety. 


I would see a different doc. You really need to wear a 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor and have some more tests. The fainting is also indicative of low BP. Sorry you're dealing with this but a good medical professional can help you figure it out!