I have been having upper abdominal and lower abdominal pains lately. A lot of gas,feeling of fullness, and extremely bloated. My stomach gurgles a lot and my eating habits have changed. Due to the feeling of constant fullness I can' eat as much and have dirahea lot. But due to the gurgling sounds my stomach males I force myself to eat a normal portion sized meal like I used to eat before the stomach pains. But lately the pains have been getting a little worse. The pains worsen after I eat. Yet, even though I have diraha a lot, I feel like I'm bloated and I've noticed major weight gain which is weird because I would normally lose a lot of weight. Due to the pains I've stopped running and exercising. As much as I try it' like I don' have the drive to run anymore. I'e also noticed a slight pain in my lower back but no chest pains. I'e been hicupping a lot more than usual and my lifestyle has changed jurastically ever since these symptoms started. These pains have been going on for about two years but recently in the past couple of months it has worsened. I have been diagnosed with IBS, but nothing would ever show up in any CAT scans, blood tests, or ultra sounds. I haven' gone to see the doctor recently, but should I get another ultra sound done to see if there has been any changes or do another blood test. Nobody knows what is causing this and what' wrong with my stomach.