since the end of nov i've been feeling weird but i thought it was probably my period so i ignored it.

My muscles ached, and i became incredibly tired but took the occasional naps everydays and pills for the muscle aches. Eventually the muscle aches went away, but around decemeber time my tonsils got swollen & i went to the doctor told him that my vision has been weird because at school and home etc its been like blurry and ive missed so many days of school because i thought i was going to faint. He gave me some pills thinking maybe it was a allergy problem sadly it wasnt because its been four months and i still have the same problems. He gave me strong pills that made me really dizzy, didnt help so he sent me out to a neurologist and she made me have an m.r.i and it said i had fluid in the back of my head, mucus showing up in the frontal forehead and she sent me to an ENT and he said my sinus's are mild.. he told me to take nasalnex and that cleared up my headaches they were so bad they made me cry. But i still been experiencing the dizziness but its gotten so bad that i've lost my vision when i experience the dizziness, yess its only for a few seconds possibly a minute or two but my vision now seems blurry/foggy. Its bothering me so much, experiencing this since the end of Nov its already Feb. My tonsals got infected the hospital told me it was pharyngitious and my doctor gave me a steriod to reduce the swelling but their still big. And im nauses alot, muscles ache, all my test came back fine blood and etc