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It's wonderful to learn these black spots are normal and can be ignored, but no one mentioned the dizziness that comes along with mine. I admit to having serious health problems and truly don't need another thing to worry about...just please tell me it's normal to be dizzy with these black spots and I'll be content.


Hello there.

First of all what kind of medical problems do you have. You say that black spots are just one of a bunch of problems that you have. And do you know for a fact that you are sick or you are just guessing.

Sometimes symptoms of various diseases can be caused by our own fears and body is reacting like it is sick even if it isn’t. My sister in law is hypochondriac and one of the first symptoms she experience are black spots in front of her eyes. Since she has possibility to find so many different conditions using the internet her fears get even worse and dizziness accompanies black spots. The only way you can get this problem resolved is to talk with somebody. I hope that you will be fine very soon.