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i have a short frenulum and slightly tight fireskin around the opening.

i can only pull back my foreskin when i am flaccid.

and if i keep it pulled back too long, blood gets trapped in my head and i can not pull the foreskin forward.

this becomes very painful. so i have to squeeze the head to push the blood out, then i have to work the skin back over the crown.

i've been doing stretching exercises in the shower for months now and ofcourse, have sex without a condom and letting my gf do her thing to help me out.

but this past week, a small split occurred right where the foreskin meets the head of the underside of my penis. either from too much stretching or too much sex without a condom.

it hurt. more like a sting.

i stopped my stretching exercises and even stopped pulling back when i urinate.

but it just split again in the shower when i was stretching.

i cleaned it with soap.

and just put some neosporin directly on the split.

anyone else have this problem or some advice?

i am 21, and still suffering from phimosis.


i dont have a soulution to this, but i want to know what issues u have when having sex with a condom. Please reply :)


I agree. You should be using protection if you're going to be having sex. (that is, unless she's already on birthcontrol and you are both monogomous and confident of no other partners.

As far as "spliting" in the frenulum, it sounds like it has started to tear, and is becoming a dorsal slit without the benefit of a doctor's cut.

I would immediately go to see a doctor or medical clinic, and tell them what's going on. Tell them frankly everything that you've done to stretch or relieve the constriction.

I suspect that your doctor will recommend one of two options: either a circumcision to remove the foreskin totally... or a dorsal slit, which is a small cut on the underside of the foreskin to allow it to retract easily. I suspect your "split" is doing exactly this, and that this is the choice I'd recommend.

But I leave that recommendation to your doctor AFTER a complete exam and discussion with you.

I'd like you also to include in your discussion with them your choice for NOT using a condom. See if they understand your point and if it has anything to do with your "split". I'm betting not, but I want the doctor to comment.

Good luck, and be sure to come back to us to tell us what happens.

Your experience could help thousands of other guys in the future....
No lie!


You need to be circumcised simple as that.


The condition you describe when the blood gets trapped in the head is called paraphimosis. I am glad that you have leaned the proper corrective action

It sounds like you need to do two kinds of exercises. 1) to stretch the frenulum and 2) to stretch the foreskin to widen the opening so it is not tight.

If stretching doesn't work, it may be necessary to have a small operation on the frenulum. But don't let a doctor sell you a circumcision.