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Hey guys,

Ok so i was vaccinated against genital warts/cervical cancer when i was a virgin. For the past 2 weeks i have noticed skin tag like bumps on my labia and around my vagina which itch and burn to touch. I have only had sex with one person (my boyfriend) who has never experienced genital warts or any other sexual problem. I have been with this person for 4 months now and this is the first time i have experienced this problem.

I went to the doctor and he tested me for all STD's. It came back clear but i had thrush. The thrush interefered with my pap smear results so the doctor still doesnt know whether i have the HPV virus or not!!! I have to wait another 3 months until i can have another pap smear to test for the virus. He presscribed me aldara cream anyway to see if the "warts" would go away. He said if they do i have the virus, if they dont its something else. I have to wait 4-8 weeks to notice results!!!!!!!! Im so depressed because i am in alot of pain, i cant imagine 4-8 weeks more of this. I have treated the thrush but i think its the "warts" causing all the irritation. Could someone give some advice on what they think is going on or what i should do? has anyone experienced this before?

Thanks for reading


Did you find out what it was