Hello I'am Erma I have been sick with nose and ear problems since 2003 all this time I have going back and forth to doctor just to tell me they cant find nothing wrong with me then I found this doctor promising me that he would get to the bottom of my  problems but it never happen. He gave me 5 nose surgeries and 1 ear surgery and I feel worst than I ever did, I have no life can't breathe I cant clean unless I am grasping for my breathe and reaching for inhalers and breathing machine I went into the the hospital because I could not catch my breathe and it set off my heart.  Its mostly on my leftside it feels full all the time in my head cross ways my left nose and all the side of my left temper, ear neck sometimes I feel something is dripping down but when I blow i cant blow nothing out I have to take something and digg it out I haven't blown my nose in years it as if it is closed up. I am scared to go out because I get very dry back in my throat and it set me off to where I can't breathe I have to try to get home in a hurry but i cant i wet on myself I really feels like calling 911 but breathing in that machine hard for awhile it simmer down a little I shouldn't have to live like this. Help me please