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hello, about a year ago, i was at a party and a guy was trying to get with me, i started to kiss him and stuff, and he wanted to have sex, i said only with a condom, he wasn't to please with the answer but he did, but as soon as the condom went on he went soft, so i said to bad and went to get up, i guess he was mad and he push me back down the the bed and tried to continue, i think he went hard for maybe a 30seconds but with me screaming and hitting him and stuff it went soft....and he couldn't get it in.... do u think i could have contacted hiv... i went for STD testing after, and it all came back negative... but is there any chance.... please let me know as soon as u can!!

thank u!


Chances are you did not contract HIV. Schools and sexual intercourse seminars aim to discourage you from having sex by scaring you into thinking a simple sneeze will give you syphilis. The truth is, using a condom can keep you safe about 95% of the time, and this applies to those who have sex on a regular basis. In your case, you hardly had sex. It is not as easy to contract an STD as most people are taught to believe. Continuous friction of unsafe sex causes skin cells to sluagh off, leaving tiny microscopic sites for infection, especially when there is little to no lubrication present. As long as there is a condom and lubrication present to keep the skin wrapped up and friction-free there should be no contraction of std's. The rougher you are the more likely to contract. Keep in mind that condoms can only protect the parts they cover. Anything at the base of a mans penis CAN be transmitted.